Three generations of Durlands have been serving the trade with the highest expertise since 1924, and this continues to be the Company’s focus.

The phrase, serving the trade, can have many meanings.  For Durland this has meant providing estate jewelry to retail stores across the United States.  This entails buying second hand and estate jewelry.  Finding and working with craftsman who care and possess the knowledge, patience and experience to repair, alter and or re-imagine the jewels.  Investing time and capital to put these pieces into inventory. And finally creating a network of retail stores with the experience, integrity and clientele to appreciate the product.

If you have seen hand-written green tags in a jewelry store, you have seen Durland jewelry.

The nature of estate jewelry does not easily lend itself to a website.  The vast majority of web transactions are for mass produced items, widgets, which are more easily quantifiable and comparable.  This is not the case with estate jewelry.

Brick and mortar jewelry stores provide a way for consumers to quantify and understand an object in a way an image or a video will never fulfill.  The joy of discovering a rare and unique jewel in a case at a single-location community jeweler can't be overstated or replaced.

Much deliberation preceded the creation of this website.  The desire to provide this service was never in doubt because retail customers need this option.  Nevertheless the mandate to continue to serve the trade remains strong.  We hope this website expresses our enthusiasm to serve the retail public with the same excellence we have maintained for three generations.